Tuesday, 21 September 2010

NextReports Drill Down Charts

NextReports Server is able to show drill down charts inside dashboards. The number of levels to drill down is infinite.

To create drill down charts use "Drill Down" action on chart entities. This action is visible if the user has write permission on that chart :

If a chart has at least one drill down chart , the chart icon will show this through a "link" bullet.

For our example we have a chart which shows the projects (x axis) and number of hours for every project (y axis). First drill down chart will show the number of hours worked by each employee. To create this first drill we add the chart with a "project" link parameter which contains the project name x axis value.

Second drill down chart will show the number of hours for each workcode for selected project and employee. To create it we add a chart with an "employee" link parameter which contains the employee name x axis value.

For every drill down level all selected parent parameters will be passed. In our example, for second drill down chart, the project name will be also passed along with employee parameter.

The drill down chart panel shows all the added charts:

From here we can also delete drill down charts.

When we add the ProjectHoursBar chart to a dashboard, we won't see any difference to a simple chart.

But because this chart was created with a 2-level drill down functionality, we can select one project with the mouse and the next drill down chart will be shown :

Here, under the toolbar, a link called "Up" is visible allowing for returning to the parent chart. We can select now an employee and we will see the workcode hours for that employee working in previously selected project :

You can view this on the online demo.

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