Thursday, 27 January 2011

NextReports : new page addon

For pdf, rtf, excel exporters, a new page option is very important. NextReports allows to specify that after every group, a new page (sheet for excel) will start :

From version 4.0, every row from layout has an action 'New page' :

When you select this property, a small '+' bullet will be shown over row icon :

NextReports : charts inside reports.

Till version 4.0 charts could be exported only as flash, needing an internal server to allow for previewing. Because a chart image could not be created programatically, a chart could not be inserted inside a report.

From 4.0 a chart can be also exported as a jpg image. Using this exporter, now it is possible to insert a chart inside a report (to be seen in HTML, PDF, RTF, EXCEL or saved in XML)  :

A pdf result  (for chart data analysis part) looks like :

A chart element is similar to an image  element, the only difference is that for chart the image is dynamically generated. So, a chart element can be resized similar to an image element.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

NextReports : French Internationalization

From version 4.0 NextReports will be also internationalized in french. N'hésitez pas à l'essayer.

NextReports : Text Flat File with fixed-length columns

NextReports 4.0 will bring a new type of file export, a simple text flat file. But instead of already existing csv and tsv types , this new "To Txt" exporter will allow to have fixed-length in characters for columns.

To specify size in characters for columns a new action was created which is similar with size in pixels.

Horizontal alignment property makes the text to be left-padded (for RIGHT value) or right-padded (for LEFT value). For CENTER value, text will be right-padded.

Result will be like this (for left-padded values) :