Friday, 18 March 2011

NextReports Server : Profile Configuration

NextReports Server uses a profile concept which is attached to users that are not administrators.

A profile specifies two things :

1. what sections can be seen by users with such profile

NextReports Server has 7 sections : dashboards, reports, charts, data sources, monitor, scheduler and security. Any defined profile can contain one or more sections. By default , NextReports Server uses following profiles :

·         Analyst : all sections
·         Business user : Dashboards, Reports, Monitor sections
·         Reports : Reports and Monitor sections
·         Dashboards : Dashboards section

2. what actions need to be hidden  for users with such profile

Even if the actions are shown regarding the permissions on a specific entity (report, chart, data source and so on), some of them must be hidden for a profile.

Configuration may be done in an xml file like this :

<bean id="reportsProfile" class="">
   <property name="name" value="reports"/>
   <property name="displayName" value="Reports"/>
   <property name="sectionIds">
        . . .           
   <property name="hiddenActionContributorIds">
         . . . 
In this way it is very easy to add new profiles with your desired sections and visible actions making NextReports Server integration with your application as easy as possible.

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