Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Moving around with widgets

Version 4.1 of NextReports was out. We are looking now to the following 4.2 release.

A small, but important new feature will be the possibility to copy or move a widget from a dashboard to other dashboard. Do you have some nice dashboards with cool widgets and you want to make another dashboard and share it to other users? Now this task will be easier.

A new action "Copy / Move" can be found in the widget toolbar, before "Delete" :

This action allows to select your action (copy or move) and to execute it for the selected dashboard :

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

JColorChooser History

JColorChooser in java can be used to select a color from "Swatches", "HSB", "RGB" panels.  But only "Swatches" tab has a history of recent used colors. We want to have a global history for selected colors.

For that we have to add another panel in a JColorChooser (like ExcelPalette).  In java you have to create a new class which extends AbstractColorChooserPanel:
public class HistoryColorChooserPanel extends AbstractColorChooserPanel {          
         protected void buildChooser() {   
                //  here you add your UI components
To use it:
AbstractColorChooserPanel[] panels = chooser.getChooserPanels() ;
// create a new array of panels containing also your panel

Anytime a color is selected from any tab except "Color History", that color is added to history as the top-left color from the matrix, and all the other colors are moved by a cell to the right.

At first glance it does not seem a "big" functionality, but when you think you want to use a number of colors to make your reports and charts look alike, this will help you a lot of time instead of entering again and again the same colors.