Monday, 21 November 2011

NextReports Server - Dashboard Global Settings

Next version of NextReports Server will allow to select a 'Global Settings' action for dashboards.

This means we will be able to select some properties to all widgets from a dashboard. Two properties are always the same for any widgets: timeout and refresh time. Besides these two, if there are some common parameters used by all widgets, then those parameters can be also set .

Two parameters are considered the same if they have the same name, type, selection, manual source (if any),  default source (if any), and some properties like hidden property, procedure parameter, preview value. Some properties may be different, like runtime name, description or mandatory setting.

This 'Global  Settings' can be used for those dashboards which have a business of themselves, meaning  that some common parameters for more widgets are present.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NextReports Server : Drill Down Generalization

Previous versions of NextReports Server allowed to define a unitary drill down process. Charts could be drilled only to charts, tables could be drilled only to tables.

Version 4.2 makes a general approach to drill down. To link two widgets we have to specify :
  1. type of child widget (chart / table)
  2. link parameter
  3. column position whose value will be pass to the next report in the drill process (this will be shown only if the current widget in drill-down process is a table report)

 Drill-down entities will be seen as in previously versions inside a table, where column exists only if parent widget is a table report:

In this example we have a chart with two levels of drill down, first level is a table and second level is a chart.  This will be seen inside dashboard as passing through following widgets :