Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NextReports Server : Drill Down Generalization

Previous versions of NextReports Server allowed to define a unitary drill down process. Charts could be drilled only to charts, tables could be drilled only to tables.

Version 4.2 makes a general approach to drill down. To link two widgets we have to specify :
  1. type of child widget (chart / table)
  2. link parameter
  3. column position whose value will be pass to the next report in the drill process (this will be shown only if the current widget in drill-down process is a table report)

 Drill-down entities will be seen as in previously versions inside a table, where column exists only if parent widget is a table report:

In this example we have a chart with two levels of drill down, first level is a table and second level is a chart.  This will be seen inside dashboard as passing through following widgets :

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