Wednesday, 18 April 2012

NextReports : Row Formatting Conditions

Till version 5.2 NextReports allowed only cell formatting conditions. But the new version will also bring the possibility to add row formatting conditions.

User can select now a row

and row properties will be seen:

 Clicking on formatting conditions, user can add, edit or remove them:

In this example we just alternate background color for rows:

We can go further and alternate not rows, but records data. Consider the following report:

We will modify row formatting conditions for all rows like following:

We will obtain:

We can modify more properties for a row formatting condition. For next report:

 we will select background and border properties:

 Result is:

We can have any expression used for row formatting. Next shows a row formatting simulation if productivity is less than 50%:

If you want to combine cell and row formatting conditions, keep in mind that cell formatting conditions will overwrite row formatting conditions.

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