Monday, 22 April 2013

NextReports Server: Settings per User

NextReports Server dashboards can contain any number and type of widgets like charts, tables, alarms, indicators, pivots. Any widget has a number of settings:
  • internal settings like refresh time, timeout, type (for charts)
  • parameters values
These settings can be modified and the state of widgets is changed for all users that have the right to see them.

Starting with 6.1 version a change will be done in the way these settings are kept.

If a user has write permission to a dashboard (dashboard was created by user or dashboard was shared to user with write permission) then these settings are stored globally and by changing them the global values are affected.

If a user has just read permission to a dashboard, user can still change the settings (in previous versions was not possible). In this case, the values for settings are kept just for the specific user. In this way it is possible for every user to have different settings for the same widget without altering the global values.

Monday, 1 April 2013

NextReports Server: Create your color theme

Starting from 6.1 version users can add their color theme to NextReports Server.

Color theme file must be named like theme-<color>.properties and must be added where the existing themes reside: webapps/nextserver/WEB-INF/classes/com/asf/nextserver/web/themes

All i18n files must contain a new property called:   Settings.personalize.theme.theme-<color>=<name of theme>

These color themes just change some foregrounds and backgrounds to make NextReports Server having the same chromatic as you desire.

There are also two images that are taken into account.

First is the actions image which is used in popups to decorate the actions menu and which you can define in theme files:


Second image is the Ok  image used inside table columns when everything is as should be. This is not defined inside theme files. You just make sure that an image with name tick_<name of theme>.png exists inside images folder, otherwise the default is used.