Tuesday, 11 March 2014

NextCharts: Tooltip Messages

NextCharts can have a tooltip message with some markups that are automatically replaced at runtime. JSON property is called message.

The most important markup is #val which represents the actual value on Y axis. If you select for tooltip message Value #val you will see tooltips like in following chart:

Another markup is #x which represents the actual value of X label.
A message like #x<br>Value #val will show the following (here <br> markup is used to start a new line) :

Other markups have meaning just for specific chart types. For example, #total means the total value of all Y values and it has meaning for stacked bars, horizontal stacked bars and pie charts. A message like Category #x<br>Value #val from #total will show the following on a pie chart:

For pie charts there is another markup #percent which shows the percent from total of the current slice value. A message like Category #x<br>Value #val from #total<br>#percent% of 100% will show as:

To format actual Y value, if it is not a simple integer, you can use a JSON property like:
"tooltipPattern" : {
    "decimals": 2,
    "decimalSeparator" : ".",
    "thousandSeparator" : ","
From next version of NextReports (7.1) designer will have a new tooltip message property to allow customization like showing before, instead of some default values.

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