Tuesday, 27 May 2014

NextCharts: Display Widget

A new widget was added to NextCharts html5 library: Display.

"Display" shows a value (without min/max boundaries like those used for Indicator) which is associated with a period of time. You can think as example for: Number of site visitors per day, Interest Rate per month, Profit per year.Although, this widget has the possibility to show how this value performed regarding a previous value (on previous period of time).

Json for such widget is like:

   "value": "2.354",

Besides title, value and previous values and colors, we can have a background color and some boolean expressions:
- shadow: to show or not a shadow
- up: true for up arrow, false for down arrow
- shouldRise: true to indicate that a rise in value is a good thing, false to indicate that a lower value is a good thing.  For example: a rising number of visitors is good, a lower value of bounce rate is good.

Depending on last two properties we can have a green or a read arrow if the value evolves in the "good" direction or not.

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