Tuesday, 20 May 2014

NextReports: Header Expressions with Functions

NextReports designer layout allows to insert functions and expressions.

Function is created on a column or on one existing expression.
Expression can contain columns, variables, parameters and functions.

Till version 7.2, expressions could contain functions, only if expressions were found in footer or group footer. Also functions could be inserted only in footers till 6.2 and also in headers from 6.2+.

From version 7.2, expressions in headers can also contain functions. To see this in action we create a Timesheet report with functions and expressions in headers (instead of footers, like in demo report).

Report Layout is as in following picture.

We can see in header band all the functions and also expressions that compute percent values from total. For example "Administration Hours Percent" is a simple expression like:

You can see that "Functions" selection is possible here.

Similar, in group G1 header we compute the percent of worked hours per project:

HTML result will show us computed values for expressions with functions:

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