Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Display revisited

NextCharts 7.2 introduced a new type of report / widget called display. You can read about it here.

One thing that needs to be polished is title alignment. In 7.2 release title is aligned with value. This is good in all cases when value is big enough to be at least length comparable with title. But in case the value is small and title is longer, display does not look very nice.

Lets take a simple display example when the value is smaller than the title:

In such cases it would be nicer to center the title text. That's why we added a new property to NextCharts display making json containing titleAlignment with two possibilities: center or alignToValue. By default, alignToValue is selected if property is undefined. Choosing center for this property will make the widget looks as we desired:

When we define the report in NextReports Designer 7.3, title band element can have horizontal alignment property selected as center or left (right is not considered, generating inside json alignToValue).


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