Thursday, 14 August 2014

NextReports: HTML Text inside PDF/RTF

Sometimes data inside database may contain simple HTML which has some formatting using tags like < b >,< i >,< font >, < br >.  When we render to a HTML file, we will see data formatted as needed.

But it would be nice to have it also in PDF / RTF files. Starting with NextReports 7.3 this will be possible out-of-the-box. The only requirement is that data starts with < html > and ends with < /html > and contains a correctly formed HTML string.

Let's say we have a column in which data is HTML text like:

<html><b><font size=\"4\" color=\"blue\">Winters</font></b></html>

Then our PDF/RTF exported reports will look like the following:

If your column does not contain < html > and < / html > tags , you can create an expression and add them by yourself.

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