Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Table Widget: Rows per page

Table Widget is just a simple component used by NextReports Dashboards. As all other widgets, it has two common properties:

  • Refresh Timeout - how many seconds must pass until an auto-refresh
  • Timeout - maximum number of seconds must pass until the database query is executed (otherwise a timeout exception is raised)

Sometimes, a table widget may contain more data and pagination is used with a default of 100 rows per page. This not just helps with visualization, but it prevents OutOfMemory errors if someone is
ill-intentioned and adds a table with millions of records inside a dashboard.

In general tables used in dashboards should have a small number of rows, but in case you really need a table with many rows, you are able from version 7.3 to set a "Rows per page" property.

This value can be set between 5 and 100 allowing to have a different pagination if business requires.

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