Wednesday, 1 October 2014

NextCharts: Dual Y Axis

NextCharts can present any number of series on an existing chart. Chart type can be one of line, area, bar and even combo bar-line to allow for comparison results.

But there are cases when there it is needed to compare series with data of different order of magnitude. In such situations some series may look flat. To prevent this, NextCharts offers now the possibility to add a second Y axis.

Json definition may now contain 3 new properties:
  • dualYAxis: true means second Y axis will be shown
  • y2Count: this is the number of (last) series that will be represented on second Y axis (by default it is one)
  • y2Legend: legend for second Y axis
 In next image it can be seen that the "Profit" line series is represented on second Y axis.

These properties will also be found in NextReports Designer's chart layout from version 7.3

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