Tuesday, 14 April 2015

NextReports Server: What are the references?

NextReports Server contains (among others) a number of entities like :
  • data sources
  • reports & charts
  • schedulers
  • widgets
  • dashboards
Some of them are referenced by others. For example  any report or chart has a data source. That means a data source is referenced by that report / chart. What happens if we want to delete this data source? User will be informed the action cannot be done because there are other entities that use it.

The message is not very useful to users because if they do not know what are the entities, they must to search for them and delete those first (if the deletion is needed).

From NextReports Server 8.1, users will be informed about these entities with their full path. For example if we want to delete a report which was scheduled by a number of schedulers, the following message will be shown:

In case there are too many referenced entities, only the first 10 will be shown. In next image we want to delete a data source and we will see the list of reports and charts that use it:
In case a report or chart is used (referenced) inside a dashboard as a widget, it can be deleted and the user will see inside dashboard a message that the entity behind it was removed.

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