Thursday, 21 May 2015

NextReports Server: Connection Logging

Starting from NextReports 8.1 connection creation is written to log for debug purposes. By default all connections are written to connections.log found inside <server_install_folder>/logs folder. Default log level type is INFO

Inside <server_install_folder>/webapps/nextreports-server/WEB-INF/classes/ user can change log level from INFO to DEBUG, to see information from the pool when a connection is created/used:, CONNECTION_FILE

Users will be able to see on DEBUG level how many connections are in pool (min and max values), how many connection are active, idle or busy.

In case you experience some connections problems (like timeouts) and you are sure your database is up and running, you should put this log's level on DEBUG and start accumulating data to reproduce the problem again.

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