Thursday, 14 May 2015

NextReports: yAxis with 'starting from zero' property

From NextReport 8.1, Next Charts library will add a new property on yAxis called 'starting from zero'.

The minimum value on yAxis is computed so that all y values be some 'nice' numbers. This minimum value can be sometimes negative, sometimes 0 and sometimes positive. In case of positive numbers users may desire to start yAxis from zero  if computed minimum  value is bigger than zero.

Let's take following chart, for example, with values 44, 32, 34, 31. Computed min value is 30.

If users want to see the chart starting from zero, this is easily done by selecting 'starting from zero' property:

In this case computed min value is considered zero and the chart will look accordingly:

In case of negative values, this property has no effect.

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