Monday, 26 October 2015

NextReports: Report with Empty Data

When NextReports generates a report, in case there is no data, the generation process stops without creating any file.

From version 8.3 we will extend this with a new feature. Users will be able to configure how the generation process must behave regarding empty data. On any report, a new property called "show empty data" will be available. By default it is set to false, meaning no file will be created in case of empty data.

But if we set it to true, then the report will be generated showing everything is available in all bands except detail band. "Timesheet" demo report from designer will show like this:
In addition, users can create some layout in detail band for cases with empty data. For example, in our "Timesheet" report we add a new detail row with cell "No Data Found in Query!".

To make this row be hidden in case there is data, we must select for this cell a "hide when expression" property. A new variable called EMPTY_DATA will help us to achieve this.

Now, when we generate the "Timesheet" report and there is no data, the result will look like:

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