Thursday, 26 November 2015

NextReports Server: More Settings

NextReports 8.3 will add a lot of new settings for users.

Inside Application Settings a new "Distribution" set is found. This groups all email settings and two new:
  • Distributor Date Pattern
  • Distributor Time Pattern
These patterns are used by generated report files if ${date} and ${time} are used inside their names.

"General"  section will have new properties like:
  • Polling interval (s) : number of seconds after a poll is done (to show messages to users)
  • Upload Size (MB) : maximum size of a file that can be upload to server (in previous version it was 1MB and it was not configurable)

Data Source definition will contain two new properties for connections pool:
  • Increment connections number (if pool is full a number of new connections will be created inside it)
  • Idle connection time (time a connection can stay inside pool if it is idle)

Any table widget will have a new property called : "Enable filters".

If this is checked, then a row with filters will be seen:

These are just a few properties that will increase the level of configuration inside NextReports Server.